Thursday, June 19, 2008

robbed and rocked

we've had quite a time these last few days...first in birmingham alabama our van was broken into while we were in a wal mart for about twenty minutes in the middle of the day...a lot was stolen including my holga camera and my i pod. it was a horrible shock and there could have been a whole lot more that they didn't's a real disappointment. anyway, leading up to that we've had the best days of the tour so far...after the houston show we had to get to memphis the next day at four so we left the show that night and drove to baton rouge arriving around five thirty in the morning...but it was really cool there were foggy bogs in the moonlight...we slept for three hours and then drove another seven hours to memphis...tthe countryside through louisiana and mississippi is so beautiful and full and green..we loved was cooler and we started out at the sun studio where elvis and bb king and johnney cash started out..we had a tour and then they did a recording session with us all was pretty amazing to be there in the same studio as those greats...and then the next day we had most of the day until the show that night to mess around in was a great day just wandering around...we really liked the famous beale street with all it's blues clubs and blues history...really cool...went down and hung out by the great mississippi river...and out of nowhere, in order to void a large lost bet to joshua, nate said he would swim across an offshoot of the wasn't the actual river but it was a long ways and he did it with us laughing and cheering him along....we ended the afternoon with shannon taking us out the famous rendesvous bbq place for the best bbq i've ever had!! we had texas bbq and tennessee bbq, both being famous for this...but memphis dry ribs won out....and joshua (vegetarian) even had the ribs and loved them, it was a great time...i really really love the south , i've always wanted to come here and i love the culture so much....we had a pretty good show at the hi tone cafe and then drove halfway to birmingham to spend the night on the floor of shannons hotel birmingham this morning joshua did an interview thing and sung of few songs for a fox news special that we hope will help bring a few people out tonight....and then we were robbed...but now we're at a great venue and spirits are recovering....

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