Friday, July 4, 2008

we had a great surprising night in charlotte and had
a packed house of about a hundred people...a spirit

one of the best times yet for tour!!!out of asheville
north carolina we only had a two hour drive so we
followed some locals directions to a rad hike to
a beautiful was so amazing and nice to
get into the woods....we made it to the bottom of the
falls and lost our inhibitions and some clothes and bathed
and screamed like north carolina indians!!
we came into beautiful green north carolina and
met up with uncle pete! we enjoyed a nice dinner
and he came out to the show and then we stayed
the night at their nice home and aunt kim whipped
us up a great breakfast..
it was really great to see everyone...however a
shame to not have more time to spend there...

came to asheville the next day and loved it!!
that is a place that i would move to and live in...
i've been seeing these trees covered in leaves
all over the south and they blow my mind.....

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