Tuesday, January 13, 2009

lousy records for sale.

here's a list of the crummy bands that i have vinyl records of brand new for you to buy for ten bucks..start a collection..if you want any just tell me..get em while they're cold and dead in my hands.

if you can't read any just ask me and punch me in the eye


chris almond said...

I want:
songs: ohia.

Mt Goats.

Drew+Elise said...

I want:

Azure Ray

I think Drew wants one too. We'll come by soon and grab some :)

YĆ«ki Sambongi said...

i would like some as well.
how much are you wanting?

trevor huish said...

to yuki...$10 bucks for any

Anonymous said...

wait wait wait did you sell songs ohia yet?

trevor huish said...

@ross...yeah that's one of the few...(cause it's the best)