Friday, March 27, 2009

accepting skeletons.

i submitted two pieces for the annual juried student show at brighams school and i was really anxious about it, i really wanted to be accepted....(truth?)...after they decided on the accepted works they (they?) posted the names of the artists whose pieces were accepted on the gallery door...i waited and waited and then looked and looked and didn't see my name anywhere on the list...i was really disappointed i went to the gallery to pick up my rejects and the gallery director was there and so i asked to grab my rejects and he said the little "A-frame" piece right?...see, below blog entry....and i mentioned there was a big painting as well...and he said that it was in the show...and he said that he really thought it was great.....well, well...i was really excited about this and excited to be in the show and excited that my painting is in the show...and excited that i was accepted...(i?) the show will be in the hfac for the next if anyone goes look for deer bones named after craters on the moon.


Peter Eastwood said...

Congratulations Trev. Please post an image of the painting.

ashmae said...

way to go! i'll go look for it!